a few facts about me.

© Kristin Arnhold
© Kristin Arnhold

I was raised in Pisa, Italy, soon moved to Germany, finally ending up among the green Swiss mountains.

After taking a degree in Journalism & New Media and a Master in Technology-enhanced Communication for Cultural Heritage, I dedicated two inspiring years researching the oral heritage of the gipsy cave-dwellers of Sacromonte, Andalucía. There I came to know what good light is, along with many more enjoyable things. 

In the summer of 2011, I found myself standing in the middle of a foodphotography exhibition - it was love. There hasn't been a day since then spent without working on improving my skills. 

In 2019, my project "Bali - Eating with the Gods" received the Food Feature Award at that very same foodphotography festival. A short time later, the world-renown Pink Lady Foodphotographer of the Year judges awarded me with the 3rd prize in their "Food in Action" category for one of my "4 AM is when the Schnitzels are born" slaughterhouse pictures. 

I am currently based in Munich, still looking for the right work-play balance. I have a hang-up for tableware, animal organs and pizza. In the rest of the time, you may find me shooting food stills and recipe photographs for cookbooks and food producers, traveling for photographic features or covering some food-related events. Or maybe I'm at one of the food talks I host from time to time in my studio.

I speak fluent Italian, German, Spanish, English and bits and pieces of French - please don't wonder if I answer the phone in the wrong language.

just give me a call: 


+49 157 39 49 1600


or mail me at : vivi@vividangelo.com

want to know more?

Lufthansa Italy produced a beautiful video following me through my daily routine and introducing Munich, some favorite places, clients and partners: 

The German online meat magazine "Fleischglück" made a podcast interviewing me about my features on slaughter and meat consumption (in German). 

Here's a little behind the scenes video of the shooting of the Teubner cookbook "Fermentieren"

(Antje de Vries, Anne-Catherine Preißer, published by GU Verlag, June 2020).