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Schön und gut - Essen kann was Hübsches sein. 

Aber was ist mit den inneren Werten?  

Im Blauen Wunder möchte ich die Geschichten hinter unseren Lebensmitteln entdecken und zelebrieren. Meine Gäste sind unter anderem Esskulturhistoriker, Nose-to-Tail Aktivisten, Metzger und Landwirte, Künstler und Autoren, aber auch Guerrillaköche, Fermentierchen, Mixologen und Sommeliers. Kommt doch einfach mit dazu!  

Im Oktober und November macht das Blaue Wunder ein Päuschen - dafür gibt es das Herzprojekt! Schaut vorbei, ich würd' mich freuen! 


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Photo by Nina Mik for Cooking Pot, CCA, Glasgow
Photo by Nina Mik for Cooking Pot, CCA, Glasgow

Dienstag, 5. Dezember 2017, 19.00 h

About Authenticity: Stories of Food and Power

Part 2: Vinarterta - Cake, Tradition and the diaspora 


Made with prunes and cardamom, vínarterta is an Icelandic cake with a Viennese name that is more popular today among North Americans with Icelandic heritage than in its home country. As often happens in the diaspora, preserving the original Icelandic recipe was a priority in North America; whereas, in Iceland the recipe evolved. There bakers might use rhubarb or strawberry. In Canada the prune filling, however, is law; and, like any law, there are different interpretations, which spark heated debates. Frosting or no frosting? Cardamom or cinnamon in the prune jam? Six layers or seven? Details aside, vínarterta has become a classic Christmas cake in Canada both among and beyond communities with Icelandic heritage. 

Following The Borders of Bannock (February 2017), this workshop is the second in the series About Authenticity: Stories of Food and Power. Through baking and eating vínarterta, L. Sasha Gora will share stories of food and hybridity, recipes and tradition, cake and diaspora.

L. Sasha Gora is a writer and cultural historian with a focus on food history and contemporary art (often separately but sometimes together). Her writing has been featured in publications such as Gather, Chickpea, and MUNCHIES: Food By Vice, and she has held and organized talks and workshops about food cultural history at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, MaximiliansForum, Munich, and the Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow. She joined the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society as a doctoral candidate in April 2015, where she is researching the new Nordic food movement, contemporary Canadian cuisine and reimaginations of Indigenous food cultures.  


Ort der Veranstaltung: Belfortstraße 3, Rückgebäude. Kosten: 20,00 Euro pro Person. Maximale Teilnehmer*innenanzahl: 10 Personen. Anmeldung per Mail an vivi@vividangelo.com *** Dieser Workshop wird auf Englisch gehalten! 



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